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Beeper Secure Messaging

AdvancedCare developed the Beeper messaging platform to provide secure communication within healthcare teams. Beeper can be access through a web browser or via the mobile app. All communication is encrypted and is perfectly suited to healthcare where security requirements are high. 

Standard Features:

• Encrypted messaging
• General communication channels
• Private group channels
• Direct messages
• File sharing and storage
• Secure web portal
• Compatible with iOS and Android

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Beacon Asset Tracking

AdvancedCare offers healthcare providers a secure platform to track and manage assets within their facilities, from biomedical equipment to stretchers and wheelchairs. Assets may be additionally secured through geo-fencing, which triggers unauthorized movement alerts. By creating a digital infrastructure of assets within a facility, healthcare providers may also wish to use AdvancedCare’s consumer plug-ins to offer wayfinding and navigation. 

Standard Features:

• Tracking of medical equipment, stretchers, wheelchairs, and other assets
• Location of doctors, nurses, and other employees
• Real-time navigation
• Wayfinding
• Geofencing
• Movement alerts and notifications


Patient Monitoring

AdvancedCare integrates with bluetooth-enabled health devices to offer mobile patient monitoring for healthcare providers. The health devices sync seamlessly with the AdvancedCare mobile app, meaning that no vitals will need to be recorded manually. Vital readings are recorded automatically in the patient record, which can be accessed by authorized personnel through the AdvancedCare web dashboard or mobile app. 

Standard Features:

• Tracking of patient vitals
• Automatic data sync
• Built-in health risk alerts
• Fall detection
• Alerts and notifications