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Secure HIPAA-compliant Document Management

Clinics rely on data to make decisions. Unfortunately, much of this data is still in document format. How much time can your team save through a streamlined workflow to eliminate manual entry and document scanning? Automatic OCR character recognition and barcode scanning ensures documents are handled correctly at every step of your clinic workflow. Through a secure web dashboard, your staff can send, receive, organize, search, and find files with ease. From referrals to patient health records, DocChain offers a secure platform to manage secure documents via any laptop, desktop, or mobile device. While increasing the productivity of clinic staff, electronic document management is a great way to empower and engage patients by providing them with access to their health information.

Product Features
  • Easily search document library by date, facility, name, or keyword
  • Secure Simple patient data-entry of health forms
  • Barcode scanning - UPC, 2D, QR, PDF417
  • View, annotate, and manage documents with advanced browser tools
  • Manage file access and access permissions to documents
  • Secure document signature encryption
  • Audit trail of create, read, update and delete of all incoming and outgoing transmissions (Fax, S-Fax, SFTP)
  • Streamlined workflow management through a simple workflow tool
  • Efficient patient referrals
  • Secure document permissions management
  • Simple patient data-entry of health forms
  • Secure transmission of referrals and patient health data
  • Encrypted document security