Clinic Calendar

Clinic Calendar

Google Calendar integration with AdvancedCare offers several key features that enhance scheduling, coordination, and efficiency in day-to-day healthcare settings.

Appointment Synchronization

Integration with Google Calendar allows for the synchronization of patient appointments between AdvancedCare and Google Calendar. This ensures that appointments created or modified within the AdvancedCare system are automatically updated in the healthcare professional’s Google Calendar, and vice versa, providing real-time updates.

Schedule Management

Healthcare professionals can conveniently view and manage their schedules within Google Calendar. They can easily add, edit, or cancel appointments, block off time for personal activities, and set reminders or notifications to stay organized and on top of their appointments.

Resource and Room Booking

The integration with Google Calendar enables the reservation of resources, such as medical equipment or examination rooms, directly from the AdvancedCare system. This ensures that necessary resources are available and properly allocated for specific appointments or procedures.

Availability and Time Slot Management

Healthcare providers can manage their availability and time slots directly within Google Calendar. They can set their working hours, specify appointment durations, and block off time for breaks or other non-appointment-related activities. This information is synchronized with AdvancedCare, allowing for accurate scheduling and reducing the risk of conflicts.

Patient Communication

Google Calendar integration facilitates patient communication by enabling automated appointment reminders or notifications. Patients can receive email notifications, SMS messages, or calendar invitations with appointment details, helping to reduce no-shows and improve patient adherence.

Multi-provider Scheduling

In healthcare settings with multiple providers, Google Calendar integration allows for efficient coordination and scheduling between different healthcare professionals. Providers can view each other’s calendars, identify availability for collaborative appointments or consultations, and streamline the scheduling process.

Mobile Access

Google Calendar is accessible through mobile devices, allowing healthcare professionals to easily access their schedules, make updates, and receive notifications on the go. This mobility helps healthcare providers stay connected and organized, even outside of the clinic or hospital environment.