Client Acquisition


Hassle-Free Patient

AdvancedCare takes care of all aspects of your patient engagement, letting you focus
on what matters most.

Optimize Patient Communications
for your Alternative Medicine Clinic

Let AdvancedCare take care of your communication
strategies, giving you more time to take care
of your patients.

Boost engagement with auto-scheduling, renewal
follow-ups, and appointment reminders.

You can let AdvancedCare create and automate
weekly newsletters.

Keep patients engaged with automated, regular updates that provide valuable content.

End-to-end encryption

Video and chat functionality

In-visit note taking, and
automatic record updates

Share screen capabilities

Adopting a telehealth platform offers
flexibility, and makes it easier to attract
new patients and reach existing ones.

AdvancedCare on-demand telehealth tool makes patient visits
completely secure and seamless through:

Gain flexibility, convenience, and time, with tools to match the security and communication of in-office appointments.

Convert Leads and Find New

AdvancedCare will help you easily attract new patients online. As patients register on your website, they will automatically begin receiving patient engagement emails and SMS messages to successfully convert registrations into clinic visits.


Automate your engagement efforts to successfully convert patients. Retargeting campaigns automatically engage customers you otherwise would have lost, through email and sms messages.

Follow Ups

Make renewals effortless by scheduling automated follow-ups to remind your patients to schedule their next appointment. Auto-scheduling converts drop-ins to regular customers.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders cut down on no-shows, and keep your clinic operating efficiently. No more calling to confirm with patients. Use AdvancedCare automated email or SMS message reminders.

Automated Weekly Newsletters

We provide the content, you opt-in or out. Newsletters have never been easier. Motivate first-time patients, convert walk-ins, and connect with current patients through automated, engaging newsletter content.

Help Build Your Online Presence

Strong reviews build your online presence as a trusted authority, and will guide new customers to your clinic. Build your reputation with auto prompts that encourage your best customers to leave a review on your website, Facebook and Google.

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