Brain research


Advancedcare next-gen neurotechnology enables, the richest biomarkers for precision neuroscience.

Advancedcare Brain Research is here…

Precision neuroscience has needed a hi-res tool that quickly and easily collects robust brain data at scale. After five years of development, Kernel launched and AdvancedCare was an early partner, receiving #002 to put into practice. The kernel flow provides AdvancedCare with quick set up times, Flow gathers both EEG data and full-head coverage fMRI-like data from the cortex. We are currently using Advancedcare Flow to develop new neuro-based clinical biomarkers.

Validated Technology To Make More Effective Treatments

Understanding Psychedelic Neuro Effects

Psychedelics are emerging as an effective possible treatment for those suffering from treatment resistant depression. Kernel has partnered with psychedelic companies to evaluate if Kernel Flow could be used to measure patients undergoing doses of ketamine, which is often used off-label as part of psychedelic assisted therapies. Kernel Flow was easily used in a clinical setting and was able to record signatures of how the brain function changes during the administration of Ketamine.


Flow can measure neuro effects longitudinally (weeks or months)

Data Rich

Flow can robustly measure a ketamine induced state

Safe & Reliable

Flow can be worn during an altered state of consciousness

The Most Advanced Smart Clothing is Here!

The Hexoskin Smart Garments include textile sensors embedded into comfortable garments for precise and continuous cardiac, respiratory, and activity monitoring. Hexoskin users can visualize, report, and analyse their data with the leading Hexoskin Connected Health Platform.


Hexoskin is a Comfortable & Washable Garment. Monitor your Health, Activity & Sleep Today!

Heart Rate

Monitor your heartbeats and view your ECG in real-time with great precision.

Heart Rate Variability

HRV is an essential tool to measure stress, load & training fatigue to prevent overtraining or injuries.

Breathing Rate

Learn to control your breathing, increase your performance and reduce stress.

Breathing Volume

Learn what your lung ventilation is for each of your activities. Understand how your breathing is related to your sleep cycles.


Your intensity level, steps, and pace are recorded on your dashboard and visible IN REAL TIME on your device.


Hexoskin is an advanced & validated sleep tracking device: measure your resting heart rate, breathing, and sleep positions.


The World's First FDA Cleared Wireless Wearable for Continuous Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output, and Advanced Hemodynamics

Pulse Decomposition AnalysisTM Technology

View patient data remotely with our realtime App, Secure Cloud, or HL.7 & SDK interfaces to EMRs and other platforms.

Automated Early Warning Scores, Charting, & Reports

Securely and Wirelessly collect data and monitor patients from anywhere using our realtime mobile App or Remote Monitoring Cloud Portal.

Wireless Finger Sensor

A low-pressure, disposable finger sensor measures continuous pulse pressure waveforms for PDA™ Algorithm Processing.

Pulse Decomposition Analysis Technology™ (PDA™) and AI Algorithms

Patented PDA technology and artificial intelligence algorithms derive continuous hemodynamic parameters by analyzing reflective pulsewave morphology within the arterial tree.

ICU-grade Accuracy and Clinical Validation

Numerous Clinical Studies have validated VitalStream™ and PDA™ non-invasive measurements against invasive A-Lines and catheters.

VitalStream’s PDA™ technology and disposable finger sensor is clinically validated to Continuously Measure Multiple Hemodynamic Parameters without invasive A-Lines, Catheters, or Arm Cuffs:

Lead #2 ECG* for heart
rhythm & QRS

Pulse Pressure Waveform
for Cardiac Diagnostics

Realtime HR and
Respiratory Rate

Realtime and Trending
Pulse Oximetry*

Continuous Core Body

EndTidal CO2* for
Continuous Ventilation

Early Warning Score

Automatic Self-Calibration... Up and Running in 90 Seconds * With additional wireless sensor

Continuous Blood

Central Aortic SYS, DIA, and
MAP with Trending


Cardiac Output, Cardia
Index, Stroke Volume, and
SVI for instant and
trending Cardiac Function

Fluid Response:

Cardiac Output, Cardia
Index, Stroke Volume, and
SVI for instant and
trending Cardiac Function


Systemic Vascular
Resistance, Stroke Volume
Variability, Pulse Pressurer
Variability, LVET