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AdvancedCare develops mobile solutions for healthcare providers and facilities to enhance patient care, improve health outcomes and follow-up, increase operational efficiency, and enforce safety standards.

Quality Patient Care
Operational Efficiency
Healthcare Safety

AdvancedCare is a feature-rich mobile solution that enables healthcare organizations to monitor, track, manage, and improve patients’ health on-site or remotely. Our platform offers a variety of modules designed to provide quality patient care and follow-up.

Secure Mobile Messaging

Beeper empowers healthcare professionals to communicate securely on-the-go. By providing a means to exchange information from anywhere, at any time, healthcare organizations are able to respond to patient needs faster. Our encrypted messaging solution also allows for the safe exchange of sensitive health data, providing a secure platform to engage and follow-up with patients on a continuous basis. By creating a private channel of communication between healthcare professionals and patients, there is an opportunity for improving patient health outcomes and satisfaction beyond expectations.

Personnel & Asset Tracking

Beacon provides healthcare organizations with real-time indoor and outdoor tracking for assets, patients, and personnel through state-of-art technology. Knowing the exact location of objects and people allows healthcare organizations to be more efficient, decreasing wasted time spent searching. This in turn increases the amount of time healthcare professionals have available to cater to the needs of patients, whether it be during on-site caring or remote follow-ups.

Mobile Device Management

MDM is a noninvasive solution for healthcare organizations to securely enroll, configure, update, and manage mobile devices. Mobile security empowers healthcare professionals by granting them secure access to patient data from anywhere, at any time. It allows for the secure exchange of health information among healthcare professionals and with patients. MDM is a must-have technology for healthcare organizations to offer high quality on-site and remote patient care.

Here at AdvancedCare, we continue to work closely with healthcare organizations to support them with the tools they need to provide quality patient care and follow-up to ensure the best health outcomes possible.

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We are proud to be supporting healthcare professionals in their daily quest to save and improve lives.