Intelligent Patient Care

How can real-world data transform your healthcare business?

Our Mission is Simple

Close the current healthcare gaps that prevent individuals from receiving the level of care they deserve.

  • Make healthcare easily accessible to all, independent of location, demographic, and socio-economic status.
  • Offer technology solutions that are easy to use and effective.
  • Empower individuals to take charge of their health and become active participants in the prevention and treatment of illness.
  • Reduce manual labour so health professionals can focus their time and efforts on better understanding patient needs and providing personalized care.
Powerful features to transform the way you deliver healthcare, all in one integrated, affordable platform

Electronic Patient Record Management

Electronic Medication Management

Secure Tele-Health Conferencing

Digital Form Builders and Work Flows

Mobile Health Kit for Instant Vital Tracking

Online Appointment Scheduling Tool

E-fax and Digital Document storage

Advanced Research Tools

Be Part Of The Solution. We’ll Show You How
Discover how AdvancedCare can transform your healthcare business through the power of big data

Health Record

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Healthcare Statistics That Make Us Want To Do Better
An estimated
people die each year because of MISTAKES
of serious medical errors involve MISCOMMUNICATION
An estimated
people die each year because of MISTAKES
is the approximate
healthcare cost of missed
appointments annually

3 out of 10

test are reordered

because the test results cannot be found

30% of visits

patient charts can’t be found

It costs


annually to process 30 billion transactions


are related to fax service costs

Healthcare providers fillout approximately


forms every year


12 million

adults are Misdiagnosed annually in the U.S.

6 million

are severely harmed as a result

Let us empower you and your healthcare team with mobile solutions and health innovations that work.
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